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Double Laced Silver Barnvelder

Country of Origin: Holland

​Bird Size: 5-8 lbs

Comb Type: Pea comb

Primary Use: Best for egg production, males are medium size but have some meat on them

Egg Production: High 5-6 eggs a week during spring and summer, will lay year round if given proper conditions

Egg Size: Medium

Egg Color: Cream with speckles

Temperament: Docile

​Hardiness: Winter hardy. But be ware of frost bite

Flock Information: Ontario Line. 

Price /day old chicks: $12

Price/dozen Eggs: $80. Shipping Available with maritime bus same day.+$5 for packaging (bubble wrap). Shipping fee is on customer's spend.

About Our Flock

Our Barnvelder flock is from Ontario line. They like to stay together, and very independent. They like to walk around but only stay in front of our house area. They are nimble and docile. We let my breeds free range by turns. so they can get twice a week free range outside during spring and summer. We let our all chickens free range when it is off hatching season. Regular deworm every month, treat them from mice and lice often. They are happy and healthy.


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