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About Our Flock



Beginner Friendly: yes

Color: Blue and splash

Egg Production: 150-200

Egg Color: Dark chocolate with speckles

Egg Size:large

Good With Children: Yes.

Winter Hardy: Yes

Origin: France, 1921

Comb Type: Single

Price /day old chicks: $12

Price/dozen Eggs: $70 Shipping Available with maritime bus same day.+$5 for packaging (bubble wrap). Shipping fee is on customer's spend.

Marans are known for the dark chocolate eggs that they lay, which are stunning, especially if you like a mixed basket of eggs! Our Flock has new a color this year which is splash! It is a very rare maran color in Canada. But they all lay dark eggs as black copper marans.  Our flock is two splash rooster, three splash hens and one blue maran. You will get splash or blue chicks.
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