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Olive Egger/Easter Egger

Egg Color: Olive/light green/dark green

Egg Size: Large

Laying Habits: 150-200 eggs would make a good year

Comb: Varies

Popular Use: Dual purpose
Varieties: None recognized, as this is not a standard breed
Temperament: winter hardy
Skin Color: Varies

Weight: Large

Origin: Olive Egger chickens are not a breed. It is a cross or heritage chicken. There are two ways to get olive eggers:

1.a blue egg layer and a dark brown egg layer cross. For example, when an Ameraucana hen’s egg is fertilized by a Marans rooster, the resulting chick will be an Olive Egger who will lay olive green eggs.

2.Olive eggers who has rose comb on both side will have high rate to get olive eggers.

However, you can't get 100% olive eggers because of the unstable green color genetic issues.

Price /day old chicks: $10

Price/dozen Eggs: $55. Shipping Available with maritime bus same day.+$5 for packaging (bubble wrap). Shipping fee is on customer's spend.

About Our Flock

Our Olive egger flock are easter eggers that lay green or oilve eggs. They have rose combs. There is chance to get chocolate egg color or with speckles. They are the good choice if you want get colorful eggs layer. Each layer only lay one color in her entire life. 


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