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Chocolate Laced Silver Orpington

Country of Origin: England

​Bird Size: 8-10 lbs

Comb Type: Pea comb

Primary Use: Dual purpose

Egg Production: 150-250 per year

Egg Size: Medium

Egg Color: Matte light brown

Temperament: very friendly

​Hardiness: Winter hardy. But be ware of frost bite

Flock Information: Ontario Line. 

Price /day old chicks: $15

Price/dozen Eggs: $80. Shipping Available with maritime bus same day.+$5 for packaging (bubble wrap). Shipping fee is on customer's spend.

Chocolate laced is a very rare color Orpington Breed. Their feathers may lighter in summer, and change back in winter.

About Our Flock

Our Orpington flock is from Ontario line. They like to stay together, and very friendly. They like to stay in their area, searching for bugs. they are not walking agility because of their body shape. Sometimes they like to broody if you leave many eggs in their nesting box. We let our breeds free range by turns. so they can free range outside twice a week during spring and summer. All chickens free range when it is off hatching season. Regular deworm every month, treat them from mice and lice often. They are happy and healthy.


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