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How to ship/get shipped fertilized eggs through Maritime Bus?

If you live at east coast maritime area, you could use maritime bus to ship or receive fertilized eggs.

Maritime Bus is like Greyhound that moving people and parcels in the Maritimes. They operating passenger and shipping services everyday of the week throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

However, Maritime Bus can't reach everywhere in east coast. please check the bus route and your nearest station before you buying eggs.

Maritime Bus Routes:

Find your Nearest Station:

Why shipping eggs through Maritime Bus?

1. The shipping fee is much cheaper than regular shipping companies.

The shipping fee depends on the parcel size, weight and location. Just like other shipping companies. But it is much cheaper. For my experience, 1 to 2 dozens eggs parcel is under $30. It is such a good deal compare with the egg parcel i got from ON (about 60-70 bucks). I have shipped 3 dozens eggs from Antigonish to Kentville that only charged me $26 last year. And 6 dozens from Antigonish to new Brunswick $37. This year has raised up a little bit.

2. It is almost same day deliver.

The most places are same day deliver, unless it is arrives at night and your nearest station is close early, you may need to pick up parcel in the next morning. Some of the stations are not exact a "station". It maybe at Gas Station or Convenient Store. It probably close early. Please check the bus schedule and nearest station closing time before shipping eggs.

Fertilized eggs within 10days will have a higher hatching rate. More fresh is better. So if it can arrive early (collecting eggs need a couple of days), you could have higher chance to get more chicks. I have experiences eggs shipped from Ontario and Quebec through Purolator and Fedex, they all took at least 3 days to arrive, and sometime it delays. And, if you only ship one dozen eggs plus the parcel is small, the air bubbles in eggs been shaken pretty bad. I had one time only hatched 4 chicks/dozen.

3. The parcel is nice treated if you put "eggs" on the box.

The staff treat the parcel well if i wrote eggs on the box. only once my client got cracked eggs because i only wrote Fragile. So please remind the breeder bubble wrap your eggs, and add notes on box. (such as This side Up, WRONG side, Fragile, Eggs! no shake, etc.)

4. It can be pre paid or pay after.

Most of the breeder will choose pay after. As a receiver, the station will call you when parcel arrives. The buyer pay shipping fee to the station when you pick up. It is convenience for both of seller and buyer. As a breeder, don't forget to ask the buyer's phone number before you go to the station if you want to pay after.

Once you received shipped eggs, please open the parcel asap and set them at room temperature for at least 4 hours. Don't put the eggs into incubator right away. It is because eggs air bubbles may moved around during transit. it may cause a lower hatching rate. so give some time to let the air bubbles back to the right position.

Please join our FB Group Hatching eggs sale Maritime Bus Canada If you like to get hatching eggs. Hope you find the breeds you want! And Happy Hatching!

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