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This breed is not recommend free range all the time because of poor vision lol. They may can't find way back coop.

Heat lamp is necessary for winter time if extreme cold weather.

It may have bullying issues due to their different looking. Other breeds might pecking on their head feathers and cause bald..

White Crested Polish

Type: Standard

Class: Continental

Heritage Breed: Yes

Egg Color: White

Egg Size: Medium

Egg Production: Better

Broody (Likely to Sit): Not At All Likely

Free Range: Poor

Cold Tolerance: Poor

Comb Type: V

Leg Style: Clean

Bird Size: Medium

Meat Production: Poor

Weeks to Maturity: 20

Male Mature Weight: 6 Lbs

Female Mature Weight: 4.5 Lbs

Price /day old chicks: $12

Eggs not available. Half dozen possibly.

Our Flock is from Newfoundland, a White crested Black rooster, a white crested blue rooster with two white crested black hens and a white crested blue hen. You may get some black or blue polish randomly. but they will all have white crested head. 

About Our Flock

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