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We also selling art and craft that local made and international made in our gift shop. Jen Yang is a passionate and creative artist who mainly operates the gift shop. Her chicken paintings are very popular. Origenals, Prints, card, coasters, and postcards are all available. You can find many gifts that maintain local cultures with fantastic creative art and crafts. We also cooperate with artists from different regions, and you will see all kinds of wonderful crafts here, includes Jewelry, home decorations, knitting craft, wire made motorcycles, pop out cards, magnets etc.

We are Open now! Wed-Fridy 1pm-6pm; Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

Jurassic Farm Gift Shop

Jen Yang's Art

Jen Yang/Tianjie Yang, from Shan Dong, China, now

finds her muse in the serene Nova Scotia landscape,

a significant shift from urban bustle to rural tranquility

shaping her artistic narrative. Her acrylic paintings

blend post-impressionism's boldness with modern

art's detail, employing vibrant colors and techniques

that evoke the texture of oil paintings. This journey

from China to Canada marked a phase of self-

discovery, influencing her art to seek authenticity and

prompting viewers to reconnect with the simple joys of life. Her inspirations stem from nature's beauty, daily life's emotional impact, and the essence of being. This has led to collaborations with Saltscapes magazine and the Guyborough Journal and different exhibitions includes Angyle Fine Art Gallery and Teichert Art Gallery and more. In addition to painting, Tianjie actively participates in various speaking engagements, helping more people understand the joy of art and the differences between Eastern and Western art. Her works appeal to a broad audience and challenge traditional art accessibility. Noteworthy projects include murals in Halifax, and a gift painting to the mayor, embodying her commitment to revealing life's inherent beauty.

Other gift & craft
local & International)

Purchase in store only.

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