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Black white Vietnam H'mong 

Country of Origin: China Vietnam Laos and Thailand

​Bird Size: 5-7lbs

Comb Type: straight, pea

Primary Use: Dual Purpose

Egg Production: Good

Egg Size: Medium

Egg Color: Tan

Temperament: Docile, Indifferent

​Hardiness: All Temps but care must be taken in cold temperatures to avoid frost bite.

Flock Information: Quebec Line

Price /day old chicks: $18

Price/dozen Eggs: $120. Shipping Available with maritime bus same day.+$5 for packaging (bubble wrap). Shipping fee is on customer's spend.

Hmong chickens are a land-race chickens raised primarily by the Hmong hill tribes of East Asia and South East Asia. The Hmong chickens are a fibro-melanistic breed of chicken.These birds tend to have an upright body, tight feathering, mulberry to dark skin, pea combs or straight comb. they also should have the ability to be broody and being fierce mothers. Their meat is flavorful and the best parts is arguably the dark meats, they make a great soup bird which their human counterparts have made with for generations. Of course it is a black meat breed hence the fibromelanistic title they are given but don't be alrmed if they aren't super mega dark. In the white Hmong dialect "qaib xiav nqaij" means blue skinned chicken, Green Hmong dialect often calls them "qab xav nkaaj" meaning blue indigo chickens.
There are just three other chicken breeds—ayam cemani, Vietnam’s H’Mong and the Silkie—share the Cemani’s “internal blackness,” a condition which is known in scientific parlance as fibromelanosis, or dermal hyperpigmentation.


H'mong chicken is a dual-purpose breed, producing an amount of thigh meat 1.3 times greater than breast meat. The proportion of iron in Hmong chicken meat is higher than that in other domestic chicken breeds and there are eight unsubstituted amino acids in the meat. That's makes them very valuable.


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