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No one ever lost--Slow down, see the world

A lot of people said our farm life is their dream life. Yes, it is also mine. After the whole journal from china to canada, from city to valley, somehow it end up with here. As a professional artist, I feel blessed to live in this peaceful, friendly & beautiful river valley, the perfect place to ponder & paint while most of our world is in turmoil.

True freedom is challenging for everyone, as material needs and dependency on essentials like food, drink, energy, and technology condition us. Our thoughts are influenced by authority figures and the pervasive impact of social media, which can oppress our self-awareness. I turned to art as an outlet, but living in the city was suffocating, with superficial interactions, insincere flattery, and a draining urban lifestyle that compelled me to confront it all.


I realized that praise and reviews are unimportant. Reflecting on values, even within my artwork, I see contradictions. Material wealth and many societal norms aren’t measures of value. Knowledge and lifestyle cannot define spirituality. I aspire to be an independent thinker and the pandemic moved me from the city to the countryside, bringing relief and freedom. Embracing nature and simple living has brought comfort and aligned with my pursuit of equality and spirit.

It was a big decision to leave the city. While city living may present greater opportunities, yet I prefer forging a deeper connection with nature and embracing its simplicity. It's incredible to see how chickens create different patterns and colors; even eggs can be vibrant. I am deeply touched by the nature. All forms of life are valuable and deserve our respect.

 Nowadays, respect often comes with conditions. We respect others based on their positions or possessions. However, respect for life should non-conditional; it should simply be about respecting life itself. Technology distances us from nature. Bright city lights are impressive, but in fact we are tiny parts of a vast universe. Maturity is to cut our own paths rather than following the paths of others. Life doesn't have a set meaning as we believe. it's something people decide. What matters is understanding ourselves, and be aware our own lives and thoughts, and facing the results of our actions calmly.  Most important is the growth of attitude and spirituality.

I learned to embrace my own rhythm and stay true to myself, despite the expectations of others. My confidence has been gradually enhanced. Each day, I discover joyful wonders through my interactions with chickens, flowers, and art.

I'm captivated by the creativity, and I hope to inspire others to appreciate the soul's creative power beyond materialism. I integrate my mind with my farm, I have designed my gift shop with this philosophy. I want to show people the creation of live being can be very inspire and cheerful. Let's engage with diverse souls, take a pause, and gain a new understanding of ourselves and the world.

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